TORCSafe Preventative Maintenance



With TORCsafe, you can be sure that all of your HYTORC equipment is ready when you need it. Our highly trained technicians will remind you when service is due and schedule an on-site inspection, repair, and calibrate your equipment as needed.

Customized to Meet Your Requirements

Automated reminders and scheduling for upcoming serviceOn-site service eliminates delays and loss during shipmentFree safety training for all tool operators
Calibration certificates available for viewing/downloading at any time18-point safety inspection for tools, pumps, hoses, and sockets24/7 customer service availability
Tracking of inventory location and status through secure web portalComplete disassembly, cleaning, and re-greasing of tools/linksAccess to product engineers for custom solutions
Tools are tested and ready to complete the jobAll seals and couplers replaced on scheduleAvailable OSHA/ASME certified safety courses

Web-based Inventory Management Gives You Control

  • Up-to-date information on all maintenance, calibration, and repair
  • Shared inventory is easily accessible by checking maintenance history
  • Calibration certificates available in PDF format for all tools

Inspection Checklist

1. Inspect FRL filter and replace if necessary.1. Check couplers for damage and ensure they are free of dirt and debris.1. Check power cord and plug for damage.
2. Inspect FRL lubricant level and add if necessary.2. Inspect swivels for cracks and damage.2. Check remote control assembly for damage.
3. Inspect FRL hose for cracks, bulges, leaks, etc.3. Make sure the swivel retaining ring is attached.3. Make sure there is oil in the reservoir.
4. Check all couplers and fittings for tightness, leaks, damage, etc.4. Check reaction arm for cracks and/or damage.4. Operate the pump.
5. Inspect FRL gauge for damage, leaks, and smooth operation.5. Check the reaction arm clamp to properly hold the reaction arm to the tool.5. Make sure the pump builds 10,000 PSI in the Advance position.
6. Check FRL regulator function throughout 0-90psi range.6. Inspect the housing and reaction splines for damage.6. Make sure the pump builds 1,500 PSI in the Retract position.
7. Check lubricator drip setting and adjust as necessary.7. Check the housing for cracks and/or damage.7. Check for leaks.
8. Inspect handle and gearbox housing for loose screws.8. Check the tool for leaks and ensure all seals are in good condition.8. All three LED lights should be green (HY-115).
9. Inspect square drive for fractures.9. Check shroud and shroud spring for damage.9. Check couplers for damage, and ensure they are free of dirt and debris.
10. Inspect reaction arm, splines, and set screw for damage.10. Make sure the square drive is properly installed in the tool.10. Check motor brushes for wear (if applicable).
11. Inspect square drive retaining ring for proper engagement.11. Make sure the drive retainer is properly engaged in the square drive.11. Replace pump oil.
12. Check safety paddle operation (if applicable).12. Inspect square drive for cracks and/or damage.12. Check gauge for damage.
13. Check trigger for smooth travel.13. Inspect levers for damage and make sure they function properly.13. Check FRL for air leaks (HY-AIR).
14. Check directional switch for smooth travel.14. Make sure the link is properly engaged in the power head.14. Check FRL for damage (HY-AIR).
15. Check DSP clutch ring switch for smooth travel (if applicable).15. Link pin should be properly installed.
16. Check rear cover gasket for leaks.16. Check hex link ratchet for cracks and/or damage.
17. Exercise tool in all functions, listen and feel for normal operation.17. After attaching the link to the tool. Cycle tool prior to application
18. Check for adequate air supply (FRL gauge needle should not drop when JGun trigger is pulled).18. Inspect the link release button (Stealth series).

3 Steps to TORCsafe

  1. Contact your local HYTORC Service or Sales Rep.
  2. Let us know which tools you want to protect
  3. Add safety, convenience, and piece of mind to all bolting jobs